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Welcome to Threadbox. This is our porthole to the world of design. Our outlet of creativity. Here you can have a look at some of the things we get up to. We love creating. We love helping companies with branding and bringing ideas to life. We are a creative agency serving customers with their company branding onto t-shirts, work shirts, bags and more. We love creating things so much that we do our own range of tees, mostly for Mangawhai location. We got so inspired by these tees we started printing onto reclaimed pallet wood, crates and ply-wood boards for home decor. Now we are doing some beautiful paper prints, really cool little posters immortalising our location t-shirt designs. Mangawhai is a small coastal town on the east coast of New Zealand. Our beautiful little town is a much loved holiday destination, with wonderful sea and watercraft activities, festive markets and community gatherings, skateparks and activity zones. People who visit and live in our town love the sea and we are very inspired to celebrate the ocean and the richness it brings to our lives. The sea has inspired us to create a surfing accessories brand, Fin Shui. We have created beautiful long board surf fins with unique shape and design and tail grips, they are beautiful have a look...

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